CQ™ Assessments

We offer a variety of CQ assessment programs. In addition, we work with clients on an ongoing basis to add new programs that target specific audiences. Assessments are based upon our academically validated Cultural Intelligence Scale (CQS).

CQ Multi-Rater Assessments

Multi-Rater Assessments provide the most accurate assessment and feedback on CQ because they combine self-assessment with observer-feedback. Participants and their observers complete online surveys and participants receive a 24-page personalized feedback report. Reports provide detailed feedback on the four CQ capabilities, the sub-dimensions of each CQ capability, a comparison of scores with the CQ worldwide norms, individual cultural value orientations, global potential scores, reflection questions and a personalized action plan. Click here for more information on the multi-rater feedback reports.

CQ Self Assessments

Self-Assessments provide feedback on how individuals view their own CQ capabilities. Participants complete online surveys and receive a feedback report on their CQ capabilities. Self-Assessments are available for a variety of contexts:

If you would like to take an online CQ Self-Assessment, you may purchase one by contacting us.

Specialized CQ Assessment Programs

Click here for more information on our specialized CQ assessment programs. These include assessments designed for specific contexts such as work, school, study abroad, faith-based contexts, and short-term missions.

CQ Group Reports

Facilitators and organizations can get CQ Group Reports with aggregated results for a group of participants.

Group reports include demographic characteristics of participants, comparison of participant scores with the CQ worldwide norms, distribution of participant scores (low-moderate-high), and interpretative observations and implications. 

In addition, specialized program group reports include distribution of individual cultural value orientations, comparisons between sub-groups of participants, comparisons between self and observer ratings, and/or comparisons of T1-T2 scores.

Contact us to discuss your needs for other customized programs.

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